PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk is a manufacturing company with a vision to become the best cosmetics and toiletries company in Asia. PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk commenced operations in 2007 with a plant located in Semarang - the capital of Central Java, and has obtained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification from BPOM (National Food and Drug Agency of the Republic of Indonesia or NADFC).

With over 12 years of experience, PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk has been acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers of hair care, body care, and antiseptic products in Indonesia and has been considered internationally to create prominent brands such as Herborist and Miranda.

International Business Division is a division under PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk for global market. PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk has exported most of our products to Asian countries. The main export destinations in Asia are including Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Hong Kong.

With concern to shifting in people’s habits and lifestyles in the ‘New Normal’ era as a big global impact of Covid-19, PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk has a further consideration and developed various body care products with ‘clean and hygienic lifestyle’ concept. With this concept, PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk is now able to expand across the globe, pursuing African and Middle Eastern countries as the next potential market destinations.

The Company embraces a new journey after executing the initial public offering (IPO) at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on December 17, 2020, with the ticker code VICI.