Billy Hartono Salim

t When I first tried in the field of cosmetics & toiletries business, my educational background was not directly related to the business field, because at that time my profession was as an Accountant in some company, thanks to encouragement from friends, family, of course with God Almighty Grace, In 1988 I finally started my first company named PT. Karya Asri Perdana Mandiri which is engaged in the distribution of cosmetics goods.

Early establishment of PT. Karya Asri Perdana Mandiri there are only 6 people worked where I as a leader assisted by 5 staff, gradually with persistent efforts, hard work and honesty, eventually the company has grown so fast that in the end we can build a factory and start producing our own products.

Departing from experience as a businessman in the field of cosmetic & toiletries finally I am committed to continue this work and continue to produce products that are superior with good quality.

Various products we have produced and marketed so far have received a positive response from consumers, this is evidenced by the increasing sales of our products from time to time.

With the various experiences and beliefs of the people we have gained so far, it has spurred our passion to continue to compete in the forefront of the cosmetic & toiletries industry.