PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk currently produces several home brands to suit each category of segment with the following highlights:

Miranda is a trendy and affordable hair coloring, hair treatment, and hair styling product. Miranda focuses on hair coloring and hair care products for women and men.


Herborist is a traditional Balinese-inspired spa treatment product for women and men. The products are manufactured in a modern facility and with the highest quality standard.


Victoria is a brand for fragrance and personal care for women. The products are made with the finest and world-class perfume for your luxury lifestyle.


Nuface is a brand for facial care products that are inspired by the world-famous Korean beauty trend. Nuface offers a wide selection of facial care products such as face masks, whitening lotion, and facial cotton.

CBD professional provide a Premium Hair Product range for hairdressers. Produced with the most advanced technology, to be the most accountable trendsetters hair product.

CBD Professional

Iria daily toiletries and skincare products with the essence of Goat’s Milk specially made for adult women.


Sixsence is a brand for fragrance products specially made for teenagers. Sixsence Perfume offers a selection of sweet and cheerful scents to suit your active lifestyle.